Near and Dear

Alzheimer's Disease 

2011 was a tough year for my family.  We lost my grandma to Alzheimer's.  I wish I would not have been so far away so I could have been able to visit her more often.  My dad and aunts lost a great mother, my brother, cousins and I lost a wonderful grandmother, and my grandfather lost the love of his life.  

I was very lucky to have my grandpa attend our wedding.  He gave me a pearls to wear in the wedding.  It was the same necklace that he gave my grandma on their wedding day.
Then in November we lost my grandpa.  It happened so fast, but he missed my grandma a lot and is with her now.

Many, many people have lost loved ones to Alzheimer's and many people have also seen the effects of this disease.  Hopefully one day their will be a cure or even a way to slow it down. 
Please take the time to reconize the symptoms of this disease. At the Alzheimer's Assocation you can also learn how to join the fight against this terrible disease.