Sunday, October 21, 2012

Soergel Orchard Trip

Yesterday Jake and I went to Soergel Orchards.  It is already October 21st, fall is almost over! We have been so wrapped up in work, school, and dealing with the mortgage madness we both have felt like we haven't enjoyed any of the nostalgic things fall has to offer.
Soergel Orchards is a great place to visit in the Pittsburgh area. They have so much to offer and are open all year round!
Yesterday we walked through the pumpkin patch, drank hot cider, ate cinnamon pecans and amish donuts (sugar high!!), saw Dudley the big, Stanley the goat, and Perkins the fat rabbit.  
After we ate way to much sugar and bought our apples we headed home... time to make something delicious with the apples!


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