Wednesday, April 25, 2012

There and Back

Yesterday was my quick trip to Washington DC to see my mom. I was literally there for 24 hours. 
I arrived in DC at 11:30 yesterday and flew out at 11:30 today. It was a fast but fun trip!

Some things I saw
. My MOM!
. World War Two Monument
. Martin Luther Kind Memorial
. Vietnam War Memorial
. Korean War Memorial
. Lincoln Memorial
. The White House (protesters ruined my picture)
. The only tent allowed to camp in the park. She has camped there since 1981 and if she leaves her tent will be taken down
. Holocaust Museum  
. Washington Monument
. An empty Reflecting Pond
. Senator Grassley with WWII Veterans from the Honor Flights
. James McCarville
. A dizzying tunnel to the metro
. Lots of delicious food
. Beautiful Row Houses
. and more!

( please excuse my horrible outfit and hair I woke up at 4 am and right off the plane we started sightseeing :) )
Photos from touring...

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Yesterday was quite the day... Max had his three year old shots on Thursday.  I had told the new vet he has had a reaction to shots in the past the the vet assured me it was because he was smaller when the reactions happened.  Thursday night he was restless but I thought it was because he couldn't sleep.
Waking up to get ready for work I flipped on the light and Max was so swollen his eyes were almost shut, so off to the ER we went.  He went to the ICU to be monitored after getting some meds.  Two hours later we got to leave.  This morning I flipped on the light and the swelling is almost 100% gone.
With the crazy day behind Max and I, I think I will make one of these tonight 

Cherry Beer Margaritas 

Yum!! The recipe can be found by the link above.

Speaking of cherries, I have some exciting things coming up in the following weeks and months...

. Next Tuesday I am headed to DC to see my mom! (when I think DC I think of cherry blossoms :) )
. The half marathon, that I had successfully fundraised $1,000 for, is on May 6th.
. Flying home to see my family on May 25th, then friends the next day at a great friend's bachelorette party

Have a great Saturday

Monday, April 16, 2012

Blog Hiatus

I have been on a blogging hiatus simply because I have been so busy!
Jake got back from this second time in Connecticut, spent three weeks at home, and is now back in Connecticut.
Things consuming my time during the three weeks were
.WORK (ah!)
. Running, Running, and more Running
. Homework (I forgot how much I hate math and equations)
. Trying to be as light as possible in yoga
. and my favorite things, being with Jake and Max

Random iPhone pictures from the hiatus, nothing to exciting
Amazing dinner at Girasole in Shadyside

New Supreme advertisement?!

Max's first day at doggy daycare, Camp Bow Wow, he was nervous...


Pens in the Playoff

Some light reading.

Max and his favorite, Frog

Out and About

Rainy day Chilly Fest

Hopefully New and Exciting things to come from this view

And Yinzarita 

Pittsburguese for "you guys." It actually doesn't combine any words together. It's not two words combined with letters taken out, which is common for Pittsburguese. It's just a made up word that stands for "you guys."