Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day in Pittsburgh

On Saturday Jake and I went to Pittsburgh to venture through the various districts that Pittsburgh has to offer. 
We started off in the Strip District, as you begin walking down Penn Ave you are overwhelmed (and instantly hungry)  by the smells of all the different foods the Strip has to offer. The Strip has various art and food stands, restaurants and food markets. It was definitely a day of indulgence, from the gyros to the cannoli and the black and white cookie, it was all amazing!

Then we decided to head out and explore the South Side of Pittsburgh. West Carson Street (which took us an hour to find and was only two miles away from the strip) is full of restaurants, shops, bars and people! After touring West Carson Street we headed back to Station Square and rode the Monongahela incline up the side of coal hill and came to stop at the top called Mount Washington where we viewed the cityscape. We walked around Mount Washington and found a restaurant with amazing food on Shiloh Street name Shiloh grill. After that we were full and sun burnt and ready to head home. It was such a great day now off to the gym, only a month and three days to still fit into that wedding dress!

A couple pictures on the way out of Pittsburgh!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Stand Tall

Hooray for Friday's! On my drive from St Mary's, PA to Olean, NY this morning, the sun was shining, the sky was blue, the smell of spring in was the air and there was the feeling of warmth and humidity (which I love). Out of all the feelings that I had this morning on my drive the one I felt the most was inspired and I promised myself on my overnights for work I will always be bringing my camera along. A lot of the towns I travel to for work are small and out in the middle of nowhere but they have so much character to them; from the people, to the buildings and history and the small business they are truly unique. Since I didn't bring my camera to St Mary's I thought I would post a few pictures I have taken throughout the past year.