Sunday, January 23, 2011

 This fall 2010 we decided to go explore another state park in New York. We journeyed to Long Point State Park on Chautauqua Lake. It was one of the nice last days of the fall. This time there was no hiking ten miles away from the car involved, we stuck to a clear three mile loop path!

Jake thought the strangely shaped tree on the right was an ostrich :) It made him jump!

Lake Erie

 Since we can't live by the ocean Lake Erie will do for now.

Spring Awakening

Jake, Max and I took an adventure to Allegheny State Park. It was spring of 2010 and the forest life was just begining to awaken after the long winter. It was a nice day with an interesting ending. During the hike we ended up getting off the trail and ended up ten miles away from the car. Jake insisted we kept walking but Max's little legs were tired (and mine were too) so we ended the day riding in the back of a police car back to our car. It happens all the time I guess...